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Letter claims workplace bullying at Peabody High

5 Nov

We often get tips and info from our readership, and I’d like to continue to encourage people to do that as we keep our elected officials accountable with this blog. The following letter was mailed to me right before schools opened this year.

It involves a serious problem with workplace bullying of teachers and others at Peabody High, which has become a hostile workplace. This handwritten, very thoughtful letter below was written about a serious situation at the high school that is being ignored right now by those who make policy for our schools.

BTW, Peabody High has been put on Level 3 probationary status by the state, which is just one level above the status where the state is forced to take over and run a school or school system.

I hope it helps you make a decision on who to give your school committee votes to in Tuesday’s election.

Thanks for reading,




A positive foreign concept to consider for Peabody High

4 Dec

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

pvmhsIt’s a good idea. It’s an innovative idea, and Joe Mastracola, Peabody’s Superintendent of Schools,  should get props for coming up with something that could add a nice chunk of incremental revenue, while giving our school system some positive diversity.

Mastrocola wants to attract foreign students to attend Peabody High School with the assistance of an agency called Educatius International. The big benefit to taxpayers would be that each of these students would pay Peabody $12,000 per year to attend.

In the small school district of Groton-Dunstable, where Matsrocola previously served as super, the policy reaped up to $175,000, according to the Salem News. The program this year alone has meant almost $300k of found money for Arlington High.

All of the students, who would be here on F1 visas provided through Homeland Security, would be put up with host families, who would be compensated by the students’ families. The students undergo strict background checks.

Not only would this give the Peabody schools some much-needed extra revenue, but these international students typically come from strong academic backgrounds, and having more kids with scholarly track records is never a bad thing for Peabody High.

The question might be, how can Peabody be competitive when it comes to attracting these students? For example, both Arlington and Groton-Dunstable have better academic credentials right now than Peabody, and we’ll also be competing against Catholic high schools. Speaking from personal experience of having seen this program work well at Wakefield’s all-girl NazarethAcademy, many of the students come from upper class conservative families, and have parents who seek schools that offer religion and the type of disciplined atmosphere you typically find at a small or private high school.

But it’s a great idea for Peabody to apply, and I don’t see any negatives. It’s definitely innovative thinking by our new superintendent.

Good luck, Catarina: Bring that title back to Peabody

1 Dec

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher


Catarina Rocha on her way to winning the Northeast Championship last weekend.

In need of some good new here today in blog land after a tough week for Peabody.

That’s why we’d like to say congrats and good luck to Catarina Rocha, who was recently ranked 5th nationally, and will compete in the Footlocker National Cross Country Championships. Dec.8, in San Diego CA.

Rocha, a senior at Peabody High, earmed her lofty ranking by winning the Northeast Regional Championship last weekend in Van Cortland Park in the Bronx, NY.

She won the title with in a time of 17:49.5, which was 20 seconds faster than runner up Megan Curham of Warren, NJ.

The Eye wishes Catarina the best of luck as she attempts next weekend to bring a national championship home to Peabody.

Peabody High grad rate better than before, but still lags behind state average

27 Nov

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

A pair of related topics collides today as we receive word that Peabody’s high school graduation rate remains below the state average, and the school committee tonight announces the process of hiring a new high school principal.

The two are definitely connected, since the CEO of PVMHS will be integral when it comes to improving grad rates, and overall academic standards. I won’t bore you with the details of the principal search process here, but you can read about it in this Salem news article.

What I do want to point out, though, is that Peabody  continues to lag when it comes to gradation rates, and while some school committee members might tell you how it’s better than it used to be, we should still view it as unacceptable that we’re below state average.

The state average of 83% puts Massachusetts at just 11th nationwide, and Peabody’s adjusted rate is 82.2. That not only puts Peabody well behind other area communities such as Beverly and Danvers, but we’re pretty much tied with Salem. To be fair, it does represent improvement over a graduation rate that, in recent years, had hovered around 79%.

But can’t we do better than this?

Let me know what you think.

You can read more details about how Peabody compares in this article from the Patch.