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Council set to sign off on a billboard for Bourbon Street?

4 Apr


blank-billboardBy Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

If you live on Bourbon Street, and found the giant billboard around the corner and next to the Subway on Lowell Street offensive, get ready to be even more annoyed closer to your front door.

CBS Outdoor will go before the Peabody City Council on April 29th to seek a special permit to erect a giant, electronic billboard at 8 Bourbon Street. The billboard madness continues.

If you live in that neighborhood, call your ward councilor, Joel Saslaw, and tell him to stop voting to approve these eyesores. Mr. Saslaw, after all, has already approved THREE of these new signs in the ward since taking office in January.

City right to protect Ward 5 quality of life by fighting billboard location out in court

19 Feb

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Billboard pole must be moved

Billboard pole must be moved

File this one under:  All resident quality of life issues are worth fighting out in court.

Rather than move its monstrous 92-foot tall billboard pole and put  it where the Peabody City Council voted it could go, Total Outdoor Corp. is taking the city back to court.

City Solicitor Michael Smerczynski told the Peabody Patch that the company’s response to the cease and desist order from the city last month was that there was a mix-up in the version of plans filed in court and the company is unwilling to spend the $200,000-$250,000 necessary to relocate the pole behind the building at 532 Lowell St.

The city, meanwhile,  contends that the plans submitted in court — when a judge ruled in the company’s favor — showed the pole located in the rear of the property,  and out of sight of Lowell Street and neighbors who live in the vicinity.

Those same plans were then included with the permit approved by the council in the fall.  This is a big quality of life issues for the residents of Ward 5.  This one is worth fighting out in court.