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Poll: How did Peabody do when it came to snow removal

11 Feb

By Eye on Peabody

It was a big storm, and the first big test for the Peabody’s Department of Public Services in quite a few winters. Please take the poll below to let us know how they did.  Also, we encourage you to leave a comment about how the snow removal effort was in your neighborhood.

Snowy sunset on Goodale Street, Peabody

Snowy sunset on Goodale Street, Peabody

Basking in the warm glow this morning, thanks to the PMLP

9 Feb

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

plmpJust sitting with some java this morning,  warm and comfortable, looking out the window at the winter wonderland, and feeling very grateful that Peabody’s power needs are NOT supplied by National Grid or one of these other gigantic power entities.

Once again, the lights are on, Peabody. And I can’t ever recall, in the 45-plus years I’ve lived in the city when I’ve awoken to a dark, cold house.  I can’t ever recall our lights going off for extended periods of time, like will be the case for some people in Southeastern Mass., who might not get power back for days following this latest super snowstorm.

Not during this storm. Not during the Blizzard of 2005, or hurricanes or other acts of nature. Not even during … drumroll please … the BLIZZARD OF ’78.

So, as we all electronically hold hands on this fine Saturday morning, let us all gaze upon Edison’s invention and say “THANK YOU” to the folks who run the Peabody Municipal Light Plant.

PLMP rocks, and it never lets us down. Why?  Because it is a government entity that is managed like a private business. Those who run the PLMP are hired for their qualifications and experience, and are not political appointees. They don’t report to city councilors or the Mayor. They are governed by an elected board of Light Commissioners, who simply oversee while allowing actual power plan professionals to run the business. It’s the ultimate example of how the private sector and the public sector cam can come together and make something work for the taxpayers.

If you live in the “sensible center” of the political spectrum, you quickly realize that too much goernment involvement usually leads to disaster, but not enough isn’t a great thing either. This is why PLMP works.

So, as you glow in the warmth this morning, be happy you live in Peabody, and as a taxpayer be proud that your city owns the PLMP.