It’s all up to the voters now

7 Nov

voteBy Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

When you are a candidate, who has spent several months burning shoe leather knocking on doors, standing on street corners waving at cars, and spending the kids’ college fund on palm cards and mail pieces, today is the most-humbling day of your life.

Suddenly, you are no longer controlling your own environment. I know that’s always  been a somewhat horrifying feeling for a control freak like me. But candidates always need to just accept that this is one of those wonderful reasons why America is still, and always has been great:

Today, the voters of Peabody get to decide.

And while come 8 p.m. tonight many of us will not like some of the results, it’s just too damn bad. 🙂

Polls are now open and will be until 8. Please be a good American and go out and vote for the candidates you feel will do the best job for you and your family the next two years. It’s not about a trite, meaningless phrase like “Pride in Peabody,” it’s about ensuring your quality of life.

For a rundown on who is on the ballot, click here for this handy guide.



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