Aggregate quarry creates demand for KM pipeline lateral through Peabody

4 Aug
(Re-posted from the website)
By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher
 Since the day we learned that Texas-based Kinder Morgan was proposing a pipeline lateral through Peabody that would threaten homes, the environment and our public drinking water supply, we’ve wondered about who would purchase this fracked natural gas.

There was certainly no need for this gas when it came to Peabody homes or the Peabody Municipal Light Plant.

Well, if Kinder Morgan is allowed to build a 24-inch diameter “bomb” under the Independence Greenway bike path, it turns out now that someone in Peabody does have a need for this gas.

National Grid, which would purchase the gas in the Kinder Morgan pipeline lateral through Peabody, has filed for approval of a “firm transportation service agreement” with the State Department of Public Utilities to be the middle man in selling this gas to the Aggregate Industries quarry.

That’s right, Aggregate Industries, arguably the worst corporate neighbor in Peabody’s history, would benefit from this gas

“The Customer (Aggregate) has dual-fuel capability and is able to meet its energy requirements using waste oil in addition to or in lieu of natural gas. The Customer is, however, willing to provide a firm commitment to natural gas in exchange for a customized transportation agreement with a fixed rate,” National Grid wrote in its DPU approval request.

So, in addition to damaging homes with its blasting, and disrupting quality of life with its non-stop, high-decibel construction noise, Aggregate is essentially helping to pave the way for this pipeline lateral’s construction.

Come fall, Kinder Morgan will seek final approval for a permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build its Northeast Energy Direct pipeline, including the section that will run through Peabody. And when KM goes before FERC, all it will need to do to get approval is show that it has “customers.”

Thanks to Aggregate, that argument will be a lot easier to make. The beat goes on for Peabody’s worst corporate neighbor of all-time.

There will be a hearing on this before DPU coming soon. Once I know the details, we’ll pass them along so we can be there to protest. Stay united, Peabody.

4 Responses to “Aggregate quarry creates demand for KM pipeline lateral through Peabody”

  1. anonymous August 4, 2015 at 11:14 am #

    Wow, that’s a turn of events. I thought they were against it.

  2. Anon August 4, 2015 at 10:36 pm #

    Clearly Aggregate has been bought.

  3. Anonymous August 14, 2015 at 2:05 pm #

    Aggregate made a statement to the Peabody City Council stateing that it opposed the pipeline. Now it makes a statement that it WANTS the pipeline. What happened in between? Some palms were greased. Show BOTH letters to FERC to prove this.

    • Bob Croce August 14, 2015 at 2:27 pm #

      Unfortunately, FERC doesn’t look at those types of issues. It deals only with Kinder Morgan, and KM only deals with National Grid. This process with Aggregate wanting gas is between National Grid and the DPU. It’s all rigged so we can’t fight back. We’re learning that this is just about the least democratic process anyone could imagine.

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