Pipeline might cut through West Peabody neighborhood

20 Apr

Map above shows where the Tennessee Gas Company sub-station is located in relation to Lowell and Birch Streets, and several West Peabody homes.

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Our original impression was that expansion of the Northeast Direct (NED) high-pressure gas line into Peabody affected the Independence Greenway (aka the bikeway), and some homes in the Glen Drive neighborhood.

But new information is now emerging that leads us to surmise that the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, a division to energy giant Kinder Morgan, might have designs on an even more expansive, and potentially dangerous project in West Peabody.

The Eye has learned that, in addition to slashing through the bikeway with a new high-pressure line as part of its almost 300-mile NED project, Kinder Morgan is looking for ways to connect the new line with an existing sub-station at the intersection of Birch and Lowell Streets (see map above).

What that would mean is a project that would potentially affect hundreds of homes in what is a highly crowded residential area between Russell and that section of Lowell Street.

Looking beyond this map, the most-direct route for connecting the pipeline to the substation would be to have a pipeline come up Birch Street, passing not only hundreds of homes, but also the Burke Elementary School.

We’re still doing some fact finding here, so please stay tuned to this space, or like the Peabody Citizens United Facebook page to keep on top of the latest information.

4 Responses to “Pipeline might cut through West Peabody neighborhood”

  1. Exhausted Resident April 22, 2015 at 7:45 am #

    Bob, how many elected officials showed up last night? And who?

    I am getting exhausted with Peabody and all her issues. We have people so focused on downtown that they are allowing their highest tax base slide out into Lynnfield Market Street. Every time I visit there there is another store from the mall moving in….I don’t care how much money (well I actually do) at downtown it will NEVER be a destination.

    The city has allowed for the destruction of RT 1 with all those billboards and even tried to jump into the business….how’s that working?

    Let’s talk schools. Overall MCAS go down. You have a superintendent that never says much during the school committee meetings unless he is forced to speak. Great leadership. You have multiple schools that need to be replaced including the High School. But hey we have a great field! No worries because we will have an incredible new middle school and after 3 years the children can go back into a old building that needs portable classrooms. Oh don’t forget that you have potentially 3 school committee seats up for grabs and there is really only one qualified candidate. One can’t even get into a Bar. You have 2 candidates with a lot of enthusiasm but zero life experience. How’s that going to improve our schools. I am sure we will get no where on the contract negotiations either. We will be paying that’s what we will be doing.

    Let’s not forget about the regional Voc. a bottomless money pit that this city can’t afford with its current tax practices.

    Beyond the schools and no one really talks about it is the use and lack of control of FALA’s. The city is turning west peabody into two family’s and over the long term that will be one of the worst moves ever for this city. There needs to be limits in the number of FALAs. Also the city council backed off the rooming houses that are going on in west Peabody. It’s bad,real bad. It needs to be stopped. Peabody residents quality of life continues to diminish more and more…

    Then we get to this proposed pipeline. I have not seen one city official come out publically. based on this cities track record and what has gone on over the past years, Peabody is in a lot of trouble….

    • Bob Croce April 22, 2015 at 8:24 am #

      Councilors Sinewitz and Saslaw were at the meeting last night. Opposing the pipeline, I feel, will be one of those issues that will be supported by all of Peabody’s elected officials. After all, there’s just nothing in it but total aggravation for Peabody’s citizens. SC member Beverley Dunne has also been very supportive of our efforts in opposing the pipeline.

      • Exhausted Resident April 22, 2015 at 9:16 am #

        Saslaws house is close by so I am sure that’s why he showed. Two out of how many of our elected officials? God forbid they take the time to get educated first hand about the issue. The mayor should have been there last night just to reassure the people that were there that he will be doing everything possible. Where is lovely and the nurse? I never understood why the mayors office never releases press releases…???? They had no issue releasing them when he was running for office. There are times the citizens need to hear from their elected officials and with all the forms of communications that are out there it has become less and less….

      • Bob Croce April 22, 2015 at 10:15 am #

        Resident, we’re in agreement on many issues, but please, let’s not “ready, shoot, aim” on this one.

        Although Joel and I are well-known rivals, I give him credit for showing up last night. He wasn’t there because his “house is close by.” He was there because this project affects residents in Ward 5. I’m not sure how many other elected officials were aware of this meeting last night, since it was hosted by a group from outside of Peabody, and there wasn’t a lot of publicity in advance. I only found out about it two days ago.

        I did text the mayor with the info about the meeting, but he told me he couldn’t make it because of a family conflict. I believe him and understand why he wasn’t there, and I expect he’ll be by our side here going forward.

        If we are going to have any chance to keeping this company from negatively impacting quality of life for residents, we’ll need a lot of help from our legislature delegation. There is a strategy we’re considering that will need the support of Beacon Hill, so it’s better that we try to work with our reps and Senator Lovely than be critical of them for missing a meeting they might not have even been aware of.

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