Time to finally get serious about the vision for downtown revitalization

10 Dec

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

SquareSo far, we’ve seen baby steps and a piece meal approach to the revitalization of downtown Peabody. But we remain without a master plan for development, and without true visionaries to lead when it comes to getting us to a place where Peabody Square is no longer a ghost town at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night.

The problem we face in moving this forward was again on full display this past week when a developer came before the city council with a plan to jam 10 apartments into an old office building at 98 Main Street. During the debate, there was talk about a lack of parking, which is a major concern overall as we try to bring people back to the square. But there was also talk about what the vision should be for all future downtown development.

Many councilors argued against creating more apartments (these ones with future Section 8 housing potential), and for the need to think in terms of mixed-use development (e.g., residential on the top floors, commercial space on the bottom). Thankfully, the bid for a special permit at 98 Main went down to defeat with a 5-5 vote.

The issue at 98 Main is simply one symptom of a much larger problem.

We have no overall strategic plan/vision for development, but even if we did … we have no one to lead it. Community Development’s push and praise for the developer’s plan at 98 Main certainly shows that no one there has the skills, experience, or juice to lead the mammoth undertaking of bringing economic life back to the downtown.

Although I believe and support Mayor Ted Bettencourt when he tells us that revitalization of downtown continues to be a focal point of his legacy, I also think the Mayor needs to do what many of us have been urging since he was first sworn in almost two years ago:

He needs to enlist more skilled movers and shakers to help us with this. We need an experienced redevelopment “czar” with unprecedented power to get things done, including overseeing a comprehensive, step-by-step vision. But first, we need that plan, which right now is beyond the current competencies of those who lead our Community Development efforts.

It’s time to look at what other communities have done here, and see which models we can adopt.

But we’re not getting there by allowing developers to jam 10 tiny apartments into a space that might be better for retail space, and the types of businesses that make Peabody Square a destination rather than a pass through.

Those who think that bringing more people to live downtown is a key to our future success here are wrong and misguided. We already have thousands of people living within a half-mile radius of Peabody Square, and what has that gotten us? More barber shops, nail salons, and liquor stores.

Meanwhile, Salem is becoming the restaurant capital of the North Shore, and a destination for people looking for a night out or a day of boutique shopping. By now, we should all be a little tired of the claim that Salem can do this and we can’t because Salem has the built in advantages such as the waterfront. Most of the new shops and restaurants in Salem are down along Washington Street, which isn’t on the water.

Salem has been able to revitalize its downtown because, thanks to its civic leaders, it came up with a comprehensive vision designed to encourage the right kind of businesses downtown, and Mayor Kim Driscoll is using her power to ensure that it gets done right.

Mayor Bettencourt has the opportunity to now do the same.

Mr. Mayor, I support you, but it’s time to bring in some more talent when it comes to your Community Development department.  Let’s find out who those redevelopment visionaries are, and let’s hire them to help us with something that would become your major legacy piece as mayor.

3 Responses to “Time to finally get serious about the vision for downtown revitalization”

  1. the Outfront Guy* December 10, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    OG says…’this is like watching paint dry’….and you are right …even though Teflon Ted has said that downtown improvement is a key objective OG can only say this > “Where’s the beef oh Teflon one?” . Now there will be those out there who say that there goes OG being mister doom and gloom again but at this point apparently the majority of you who might give a hoot must be very satisfied and content with this snail’s pace of progress….and more importantly let’s ask the Teflon One…what do you need from us Ted? how do ordinary citizens provide this development vision?? how many community development leaders must we go thru to find one who can set the course? how much has been spent in time and money already analyzing this issue? so as I read our fearless editors frustration and angst over this issue I must remind him that the wise and esteemed Suzanne Borin once said that this is the ‘nature of the beast’ here in Dark City….and old Suzie B is the real visionary here….and that’s how OG sees it.

  2. Sue Brotchie December 10, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    Well said, Bob. I agree with everything you said. The current community development director is definitely NOT the person to turn this city around. I drove through Cabot St. in Beverly Saturday night – every single tree that lined the street through town had white mini lights on them. What a difference it made compared to the lights of Walgreen’s and the check cashing joint on Main St.

  3. the Outfront Guy* December 16, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    OG says…OG is hearing about hopeful plans to put a boutique, classy hotel right in the middle of downtown Teddyville. That may be a bold development plan but I have to say that I admire the motivation!! let’s hear more about this one in the weeks ahead!

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