Thanks to you, 1 year later, EOP blog is still standing

16 Nov

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

eyeResarch shows that the average lifespan of your average citizen blog is less than three months, and many burnout in the first couple of weeks. That’s why I’m proud to come to you today bragging about the “longevity” of Eye on Peabody.

Today marks our First Anniversary. Exactly one year ago today, I launched with this post.   Twelve months later, and following two city elections and special elections for State Senate, State Rep, and US Senate, we’re still standing while keeping you informed on the issues that matter most for our hometown of Peabody, MA.

We had a little bit of a sabbatical while I ran recently for Ward 5 Councilor, but our visitor statistics have bounced back up the past two weeks as we’ve gotten back into keeping you informed. Since our debut on Nov. 16th, 2012, we’ve had more than 62,000 page views, and more than 15,000 unique visitors. What that means is that more than 15K different people have viewed at least one page of EOP the past 12 months.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Considering that life happens, it’s not always easy to keep content coming your way, but I’ve enjoyed bringing you each and every post, and I’m committed to keeping it going.

So just for fun, here are some other details I’ll share.

What was our busiest day for visits? 

That would be Nov. 29, 2012 when we announced the tragic  passing of State Rep. Joyce Spilliotis. In tribute to our friend Joyce, more than 900 people read our coverage that day, including 600 who read this post, and many who left comments in tribute.

What was my favorite post of the year?

It was one that also made me feel great, and I published it on the night these kids came to my door.

Of course, there are several other posts I’m proud of, but to choose between them would be like asking me which are my favorite children. So, I invite you to visit our archives and let me know which were your favorites.

Here’s to the start of another great year!

2 Responses to “Thanks to you, 1 year later, EOP blog is still standing”

  1. Anonymous November 16, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    Favorite child: Ashley.

  2. 90k for a herd of elephants! November 18, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    Sorry to comment on something other than what is written in this blog, but I see an opportunity for a great story referenced in today’s Salem News. The crosswalk light which is going to be installed in front of St. Adelaide’s church on Lowell street. I say kudos to all of those that have worked hard to make this come to fruition. However the success of this new traffic light will depend deeply with those crossing the street after of before church. I have to admit, I absolutely dread driving down that stretch of Lowell street on a Sunday morning because I know I am going to get hung up in traffic. I often will cut through presidential heights or just go around and use Russell street, I live on Rutledge.

    Personally I feel that the parishioners need to take on more of the responsibility in making that area a safe place to cross. I mean seriously think about it…

    You walk up and press the button. The light turns red, the cars stop, and people start to cross. Next…the light says do not cross and the light turns green for cars to continue. Guess what!!! Like a hurd of elephants the people continue to cross the street! You all know it is going to happen, light or no light same results but now it costs us a total of 90k to put up this light.

    You’ll see.

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