Why I want to be Ward 5 Councilor: I’m in it to be a serious public servant for you

30 Oct

(Please vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

By Bob Croce, Ward 5 Councilor Candidate

Why am I running?

Well, it’s simple: I want to represent the people of Ward 5, and be on their side no matter what. It’s not complicated being an effective ward councilor: People call you with a question or concern, and you help them.

I’m not in this to take campaign contributions from attorneys of notorious developers, or to put campaign signs on the properties of some developers and some business owners who could care less about the rights of taxpaying residents. You’ll never see one of my signs on the Golden Banana either.

I love where I live. My wife Maureen and I raised two beautiful daughters right there on Goodale Street. We actually know that the little neighborhood elementary school the girls went to is spelled K-I-L-E-Y. It was named after two brothers who grew up in the neighborhood, joined the military, and paid the ultimate sacrifice to their community and their country.

I’m not running to be one of the “cool kids” either. This is about becoming a serious and dedicated public servant, and not “Sophomore Class President.”

There are a lot of issues that pose serious threats to quality of life, and these issues need the attention of a serious public servant, who will always return your phone calls, and always seek a solution to every issue no matter how large or small.

In the past seven months, I’ve visited over 1,000 homes in Ward 5, and I’ve listened. It’s these visits that taught me what the job of ward councilor is all about. It’s all about people who pay their taxes on time, and expect their quality of life to be protected, not trampled on. You learn these things not by waving at cars on a street corner, or by putting multiple signs in front of abandoned buildings, or gas stations. You learn these things by actually talking to voters.  On these visits to many of your homes, it amazed me to learn that I was the only Ward 5 candidate who visited to learn about what you felt was important.

This isn’t about “grasping at straws.” It’s about listening, and then making sure that I make it clear that it’s all about the residents, and not about me. This wasn’t “a good opportunity for me to run.” It was an opportunity to try and give back to a community that has given so much to my family and me.

No, I’m not in this attempting to win elective office to become one of the “cool kids” in town.

I’m in this always and only for you. I’m in this to serve.

If that’s the kind of Ward 5 Councilor you want, then the choice is pretty clear, and I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5.


Bob Croce, Your Candidate for Ward 5 Councilor

3 Responses to “Why I want to be Ward 5 Councilor: I’m in it to be a serious public servant for you”

  1. Danforth Street October 31, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    It’s funny you mention how to spell Kiley School. Mr. Saslaw apparently should have invested in a proof reader. The literature he tossed on my front lawn had Kiley School mis-spelled and there were several other grammatical errors. How can we expect him to pay attention to details on the city council when he does not even pay attention to details on his campaign literature?

  2. FOB October 31, 2013 at 10:23 am #

    When I first read this I was a little puzzled about some of the references but then I got it. I am a friend of Bob’s and can tell you from first hand experience what a negative annoying campaign his opponent has run. When I talked to this guy Joel he told me at my door that I should get to know him now because he’s definitely going to win. He said this, mind you despite the fact that I had a Croce sign on my lawn. How obnoxious is that?????????? Also how many more signs is this guy going to litter the landscape with? All of it. I do not know him very well but I find all of it very annoying and obnoxious. Since I know him and have always liked him I was going to vote for Bob no matter who ran against him, but I am suspecting that the other guy’s negative personality and demeanor will push most smart voters into Bob’s column. At least I hope people are smart enough to realize who the better councillor would be. Hands down. Not even close

  3. DM November 3, 2013 at 9:28 am #

    Bob it is true that your opponent took a big campaign contribution from the lawyer who represents Richard Marchese. But who cares? Are you saying Mr, Marchese does not have any rights here:? I think it’s great that Mr. Saslaw feels that developers on Route 1 have the right to operate business and make some money for themselves and Peabody. You and the whining people here should realize that this is America and people have a right to make money. I have been down to that area near Mr. Marchese’s project and I feel you are exaggerating the situation to win votes. Thank you Joel Saslaw for recogninzing developers have rites too!!!!!!!!

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