Trees and sidewalks, can they peacefully coexist in Peabody?

20 Feb

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Click image to watch short film, "Bye, Bye Linden."

Click on the image to watch  “Bye, Bye Linden.”

Sometimes you see things that make you think in an entirely different way.  I often write about Peabody quality of life issues in this space, but after seeing a short video by a local filmmaker named Perry Hallinan, it has me thinking a little differently about those issues.

We all want level sidewalks and safe streets.  But doesn’t killing a beautiful shade tree, that has graced a neighborhood for almost half a century, also have a negative impact on quality of life?

Watch this short film, entitled “Bye, Bye Linden”  and then decide.  By the way, it’s also entered in the Marblehead Winter Film Festival.  It’s the story about a 40-year-old Linden tree that was cut down on Orchard Street because the roots were coming up through the ground, destroying the sidewalk, and creating an unsafe situation for pedestrians. The question to consider here is:  Could something have been done to save the tree and preserve the sidewalk? After all, trees uprooting sidewalks is an issue all of the city.

Take a look,  and let me know what you think.

To get more details, please read this letter to the editor that Hallinan wrote on the Peabody Patch. 

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