Leah Cole officially announces her run for Peabody State Rep

31 Jan

(If you are running for any office in Peabody in 2013,  please send us your statement, and we will post it here as written by you. Leah Cole will face off in a Republican primary for state rep on March 5th against Greg Bunn, with the winner going on to the final election ballot on April 2.)

From the Leah Cole Campaign 

Leah Cole

Leah Cole

Leah Cole of Lynnfield Street officially announces her intention to run for State Representative in the upcoming special election for 12th Essex district.  Cole is dedicated to meeting the residents of Peabody to earn their vote to represent them in the State House. Cole’s campaign collected all the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Leah Cole,  a current Licensed Practical Nurse at a medical practice in Danvers, touted her passion for helping people get better in her community. As a working class nurse,  Leah spoke about the struggles she sees people engage in every day, whether they are trying to become healthy or trying to make ends meet.

“My parents always instilled in me the importance of living within one’s means and being fiscally and morally responsible.  My vision for the Commonwealth is much like the American Dream! That dream is to have the opportunity to start with basically nothing, work hard, and achieve success and reach your goals. My generation, along with future generations, will be unable to participate in that Dream, unless we participate in the political process, because our current leaders continually increase our debt and steal our liberties.”

As a young middle-class working taxpayer, and not a seasoned politician, Cole believes citizens need to get involved to shape the future of our Commonwealth. Cole sees increased regulations in the healthcare field that result in higher costs and lower quality care. Her experiences in health care, combined with the recent proposals to increase taxes, have motivated Cole to get involved to represent the working class.

“I dreaded hearing the proposals to increase our taxes. People are struggling to get by and we have an out of touch government that keeps on spending our hard earned money. On top of that, the regulations and restrictions of our government are suffocating us, and making it harder to save for our future. I believe we deserve better.”

The special election Primary Day is March 5th and the General Election Day on April 2nd.
Leah Cole can be reached at 978-595-2755 or leahcolecampaign@gmail.com, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to find out more information about Cole’s candidacy please check out her website at www.COLEFORPEABODY.com.

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