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Hug your kids today and pray for the families of Newtown

14 Dec

Superintendent Mastrocola tells the Patch Peabody will re-evaluate safety following CT tragedy


By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Today I take a break from Peabody issues to send out my sincere condolences to the people and the families of Newtown, CT, following the unthinkable tragedy that took place in their town this morning.

As a citizen journalist, I also ask those journalists in the mainstream media to start showing a little more discretion today. It sickens me that CNN  has been interviewing 9-and-10-year olds to ask them what they saw, what they heard, and how they feel about it. Shame on any parent, who under these circumstances would allow their little ones to be interviewed on national TV.

Our family will be praying for those families. I know all of our readers will be sending their prayers too.

Hey Peabody parents, make sure you immediately hug your kids when they get home from school today.

Also, be thinking too about those first responders, police, fire, EMTs, who had to respond to this horror. The post-traumatic stress on these brave men and women must be enormous right now.

Mayor’s ordinance would protect the safety of kids; council should approve,11-0

13 Dec

Note: Just to update, the City Council tonight unanimously passed this ordinance. Thanks to the Peabody Patch for the details.

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Peabody Mayor Ted Bettencourt

Mayor Ted Bettencourt

Hey ACLU, go ahead … make Ted Bettencourt’s day.

Although you don’t immediately think of  “Dirty Harry”  when you think of Peabody’s affable Mayor, it is good to see him talking tough, and taking a major stand here when it comes to protecting the safety of our city’s kids.

Tonight, the Mayor is expected to get the blessing of the Peabody City Council when he comes before them for a vote on a new ordinance that would ban Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders from areas in the city where kids learn, play, and hangout. It specifically encompasses schools, libraries, parks and recreational areas.

The ordinance designates “Child Safety Zones” around the city, and would be enforced by the Peabody Police Department. It would be up to the police to determine if the ordinance had been violated, and offenders could face criminal charges.

Now, comes the potential dicey part.

There is some concern that the American Civil Liberties Union might step in to try and protect the rights of these non-rehabilitated deviants, and entangle Peabody in some nuisance civil rights violations court case. But, in my mind, this is a risk that’s worth taking. We’re not talking about discrimination here, we’re talking about protecting children from people whose sickness will never be cured. And, isn’t  it is the duty of our Mayor to ensure safety for his citizens?

“If they (the ACLU) challenge it, they challenge it,” said Bettencourt in an interview with the Peabody Patch.

Ted didn’t exactly say, “Go ahead punk …,” but he made his point.

The City Council SHOULD approve this 11-0. No debate necessary here.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Poll: Who would you support for Peabody State Rep seat?

12 Dec

Note to all those who would still like to vote in our poll. We’ll be announcing the latest results tonight on the “You Make The Call” show, 8-9 p.m.,  on PAT Channel 99.

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

I’ve had people ask me to do this poll so we can, at this stage, measure the electability of candidates and potential candidates for Peabody’s open State Rep seat. This poll is not scientific, but it has been set up so people can only vote once.  I’ve been asked by some influential Peabody politicos to conduct this poll, so it’s important that we get as many people to vote as possible. The results here could end up influencing, in a big way, who will end up supporting who.

If you live in Ward 6 or Ward 5, Prec. 2, I respectfully ask that you don’t vote here, so we don’t skew the results.

If you are a candidate or a potential candidate, spread the word with your supporters. I have left out both Tom Gould and Sean Fitzgerald, since both recently said that they would not run for the seat.

If your candidate is missing here, please list your choice in the comments section. Your vote is TOTALLY anonymous. Even I can’t tell who is voting.

New ‘You Make The Call’ show tonight on PAT Ch. 99

12 Dec

phoneJoin us tonight for a new live “You Make the Call Show.”

We’ll be talking about the State Rep special election, the city council’s decision to ban pot shops, and more!

Show is on PAT Channel 99. 8-9 p.m.

Gould says he’s definitely not running for State Rep

8 Dec

Take our poll on your choice in the State Rep special election

Bob Croce, EOP Publsher 

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Tom Gould

Tom Gould

Peabody City Councilor At-Large Tom Gould told me this afternoon that he has decided not to run in the special election to replace late State Representative Joyce Spilliotis. Gould said he made the decision this week after talking with his family, and after evaluating how running a campaign this spring might affect his focus when it comes to his Peabody business, Treadwell’s Ice Cream.

“I’m out. I’m definitely not in,” said Gould, who after topping the ticket at-large in his first run for office in 2011, was being a considered a very strong candidate to replace former Rep Spilliotis. “I’m flattered that so many people thought highly enough of me to ask me to run, but I have a lot of things on my plate right now, including running my business.”

Gould’s departure from the race leaves just Beverley Dunne as the only candidate right now on the Democratic side. Sources are telling us that Councilor At-Large Dave Gravel will seek the seat as an independent. If no other Democrat steps forward, both Dunne and Gravel would be on the final ballot. All independents need to do is get the required 150 signatures, while Dunne would face a primary challenge should another Democrat step forward.

So far, no candidates have shown interest in running as Republicans, although Councilor At-Large Anne Manning. who is registered as unenrolled, is said to be considering a run. Manning lost to Spilliotis twice in Democratic primaries, but there’s a chance she could enter the race either as an independent or a Republican.

No date has been chosen for the special election, and according to Peabody City Clerk Tim Spanos, those dates are up to the State Legislature to decide.

Spilliotis passed away less than two weeks ago after losing her battle to cancer, and after serving the people of Peabody as a library trustee, then councilor at-large, and then state rep since the early 1990s.

The Eye will continue follow developments here, so please be sure to check back regularly.

Rocha second in nationals

8 Dec

Eye on Peabody,

Congrats to Peabody’s Catarina Rocha, who today placed second among the best of the best high school female distance runners in the country at the Foot Locker Cross-Country Nationals.

You can read the rull details here in the Peabody Patch.

Source: Gould not going to run for state rep

8 Dec

Gould officially confirms that he is not running for state rep. See the updated story by clicking here.

Bob Croce, EOP Publsher

This just in this morning. A source wishing not to be indentified has told EOP in an email that Peabody Councilor At-Large Tom Gould has changed his mind, and will not run in the special election to replace late State Rep Joyce Spilliotis. We’ll try to get further confirmation. If Tom is reading this and would like to either confirm or deny, I know that would be appeciated by our readers.

If anyone else out there has any info, please feel free to share it here. We found this surprising, but the source is very credible.

More to come.

Tis the season for these Peabody kids to spread good cheer at your front door

7 Dec

Alex and Lea Romano and the Caring Carolers at our front door tonight

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

The nice thing about having your own blog is that you can write about anything you want, any time you want.

And while I know that I’m likely to get some criticism from those who think this blog should be serious Peabody issues all of the time, tonight I bring you something that still has constant companion and I feeling good, and smiling on this rainy Friday night.

We were visited tonight by Alex and Lea Romano and the Caring Carolers!

We were treated to a rousing chorus of “The 12-days of Christmas,” and all we had to do was make an offering to Haven From Hunger. Actually, we didn’t have to make any offering at all, but these kids, these great kids, who make you feel wonderful about our future as a city and a country, go around our Jordan Acres neighborhood each December, spreading good cheer and requesting a little something for those less fortunate than us.

We donated some non-perishable food, but you could also donate a check made out to Haven From Hunger. Or, you could just enjoy the carols. Although – unless your name is Scrooge or Grinch – why in the world wouldn’t you give these great kids something for their efforts?

Of course, being the perpetual wise ass that I can be, once they were done singing I just couldn’t help myself, and asked them:  “hey kids, what the heck did you do with the money your mom gave you for those singing lessons?” OK, so a few of them were a little off key. It was the thougt that counted.

And right now, thanks to them, we’re feeling good and realizing that Peabody is a pretty nice place to live, amd if these young people are any indication, our future is bright.

Thank you Caring Carolers, and Merry Christmas.

Our top 5 posts of the week

7 Dec

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eyeWell, here are the Top 5 most-read posts here on the blog this week:

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Please let us know in the comments section which posts you enjoyed most, or got the most value from this week. You can also use the “Send a hot tip” link to let us know what you’d like to see us right about go forward.

Today officially is the three-week anniversary of Eye On Peabody. During that brief span, we’ve had 41 posts, almost 400 comments, and more than 10,000 visitors. Thanks so much for visiting. We hope it’s been informative, entertaining, and helped spark some discussions where you live. 

Santa Claus is coming to (Peabody) town on Sunday

7 Dec

By Eye on Peabody

santaPeabody’s 29th Annual Holiday Festival takes place on Sunday, Dec. 9th, at City Hall.

Come meet Santa, and get in the Christmas spirit!

Here are all of the details as provided by the mayor’s office:

  • 4 p.m. Carols performed by the PVMHS Full House A Cappella in front of City Hall.
  • 4:30 p.m. Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive at City Hall.
  • 4:35 p.m. Mayor Ted Bettencourt lights the official tree with the assistance of Santa and Mrs. Claus.
  • 4:45 p.m. Mayor, Santa and Mrs. Claus lead audience into Wiggin Auditorium, City Hall.
  • 4:50 p.m. Greetings Welcome to Santa and Mrs. Claus.
  • 5 p.m. Children visit Santa and Mrs. Claus, entertainment and refreshments.
  • 6:15 p.m. Closing.

This event is free and open to the public. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the mayor’s office at 978-538-5704.