High grades in Year 1 for Mayor Bettencourt

28 Dec

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Among Mayor Bettencourt's accomplishments was the approval of a new middle school

Among Mayor Bettencourt’s accomplishments in his first year was the approval of a new middle school

There are challenges yet to come, but as we prepare for the ball to drop in Peabody Square in a few days (OK, not really), we pause to assess the rookie year for Mayor Ted Bettencourt.  

From where I sit as a taxpayer, I’d sum up the Mayor’s first year performance this way:

It hasn’t been perfect, but it has been very good.

Not an A-plus, but certainly a very high B, bordering on an A-minus. Look folks, even Ted, we feel, would appreciate it if we left in some room here for growth.

So here goes … a look at what just one taxpayer, this taxpayer thinks of Year 1 of the Bettencourt Administration. These are what I feel were his three best and biggest accomplishments:

1. Passing an early challenge on healthcare

With the city stuck in neutral when it comes to revenue growth, the Mayor gets an A-plus for his leadership when it came to reaching an agreement in June with the city’s unions to enter the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC). Going the GIC route could end up saving the city between $10 and $15 million over the next four years.

Just months into his first term, it took guts for this rookie mayor to first draw a line in the sand, and then bring all of the city’s unions to the table to work out a smart, commonsense solution. But some of the credit also goes to the unions too. In these days when stories abound about the greediness of some union leaders, Peabody’s unions proved that collective bargaining can be a wonderful thing when neither side acts exclusively in their own self interests.

2.  The Education Mayor

Bettencourt showed leadership again in the spring, getting unanimous support from both the city council and school committee on the construction of a new Higgins Middle School, as the city scraped its original plan for renovating the existing, dilapidated, sprawling facility.  The new school will cost Peabody taxpayers about $45 million after state reimbursement, but it’s definitely much-needed, and for Bettencourt—a young mayor with a young family—it shows that he is intent on becoming the Education Mayor.

Getting new schools built in Peabody the past 20 years has been a huge struggle, but somehow this one seemed easy, and it came with almost universal acceptance from taxpayers. I know it wasn’t all Ted’s doing, but he deserves a lot of the credit here.

 3. The Pro Business Mayor  

Understanding right from the start that Peabody has a revenue problem, Bettencourt made good on a campaign promise to make the city more business friendly in an effort to expand our commercial tax base. If we’re going to get the money we need to pay existing and upcoming bills, and also improve infrastructure and schools, the burden can’t keep landing on residential taxpayers. More businesses, mean more tax dollars. So, with that in mind, Bettencourt did the following in Year 1:

  • Made it known (and even cleaned house somewhat) that he wants those city departments that deal with businesses to make the process for setting up and maintaining shop a lot easier. In 2013 he is also establishing a business liaison position.  to assist businesses in this regard.
  • Established the Economic Development Council, which is looking at bringing business back to Peabody Square and Centennial Park.
  • Got city council approval on a 1.60 tax classification for businesses, meaning businesses will only pay 1.6 times higher than the residential tax rate. In many surrounding communities it’s 1.75.

As for Year 2 …

Not that he’s taking advice from me, but if I were Ted Bettencourt I’d start leveraging some of my “political capital” in 2013, something that I feel will make him unbeatable when it comes to re-election next fall.

What do I mean by that? Well, sometimes I get the impression that the Mayor doesn’t fully realize that there is power in his popularity. We saw this during the spring when he sat on the sidelines during the special election to replace Senator Fred Berry. Meanwhile, Mayor Kim Driscoll got every Salem elected official on board behind Joan Lovely, who is now our State Senator. Suddenly, when it comes to that very influential seat, the power has shifted to Salem.

Love him or not, you have to respect how former Mayor Peter Torigian would have anointed one of the two Peabody candidates, either John Slattery or Mary Ellen Manning, and strongly insisted that every city councilor, every school committee member, light commissioner and library trustee support that candidate to ensure we didn’t lose that seat to Salem.

Ted Bettencourt has earned some tremendous “juice” in Year 1. He is popular in Peabody, and has done the job. Now, will he use that “juice” to take it to the next level, and wield the type of regional clout we saw in the past from politically powerful Mayors Nick Mavroules and Peter Torigian?

Want to let us know how you feel Mayor Bettencourt has fared in his first year? Let us know by taking our poll.

31 Responses to “High grades in Year 1 for Mayor Bettencourt”

  1. Fed Up Wife December 28, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

    For healthcare from taxpayers perspective A+, from a wife of a city employee big red F. $30+ per paycheck more out of my families pocket! $780/year more taken from my family plus higher co pays and deductibles! That’s big money for my family who is already struggling to pay our bills. And on top of it they don’t give pay increases. My husband has been working for Peabody (non union) underpaid for over 2 years now and his paychecks keep getting smaller and smaller with tax increases and healthcare increases. Now I’m looking for a 3rd job so I can feed my growing 2 1/2 year old.

    • anonymous December 28, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

      I feel your pain, but I’ve been dealing with the same problems in the private sector for about 5 years now, also non union. Making less and less but my taxes and everything else keep going up and up. I’m not sure he gets an A from the taxpayer perspective on healthcare either. Within a week or two after the so called savings from switching to GIC, he had already spent most of that anticipated savings on budget increases across city departments. Maybe that was the price he had to pay to get unions to go along, but it sure isn’t living within your means either.

    • As Eye See It December 30, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

      Quit your whining, Wife and be grateful your husband even has a city job that guarantees a pension a pretty good paycheck. Please spare us the the drama regarding “looking for a 3rd job so I can feed my growing 2 1/2 year old. ” If the job is crappy tell him to quit and let someone who has no job at all have a chance at it. Geezzzzz…..You sound worse than a 2 year old.

      • Fed Up Wife December 31, 2012 at 8:21 am #

        He is NOT guaranteed a pension unless he has worked for Peabody for 10 years. But he is contributing to the pension each paycheck. I should really say the same thing to the home owners who are complaining about paying another $80 or whatever dollars a year in taxes. “It’s just so and so dollars. Doesn’t mean anything….You should be grateful you pay the lowest taxes in the region.” I’m grateful that my husband has a job. It’s just terrible that he’s treated like crap. It’s better to sound like a 2 year old then a big a-hole. I wasn’t mean to you so why are you being such a huge jerk to me? Is it because you’re taxes went up? And you don’t know anything about city jobs but you think you do? Grow up yourself!

  2. the Outfront Guy* December 28, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    OG says that he is not ready to give a full thumbs up on items 2 and 3 just yet…this taxpayer needs to see more info and clear progress on each of those items…..on the ‘power’ issue there is no question that his support of Slattery or Manning may have helped those candidates and it would be interesting to hear ‘why’ Teflon Ted sat on the sidelines for that one.

    • Houston December 28, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

      How about because both of those candidates sucked.

  3. Anonymous December 28, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

    I think the Mayor has done well, but one thing that must be addresses in 2013 is the high school athletic fields. Every town in the surrounding area is getting artificial turf through state and federal grants, and Peabody cannot apply for those grants because the city’s open space plan remains in limbo. Supposedly the Mayor supports the turf, but has been largely quiet in encouraging the council to handle the space plan business to get the thing done. Before long, the grant money will dry up and the city of Peabody will be left behind.

  4. the Outfront Guy* December 29, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    OG says…excellent point about the turf field issue….now we don’t need to do things just to keep up with our neighbors all the time but there is no question that most surrounding cities/towns have seen the value and found the way to get themselves turf fields…but not here in Dark City ! this is yet another example where a lot of people sit around and mumble about it but there is no will and desire to make it happen…notice a trend here folks?

  5. the Outfront Guy* December 29, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Houston, we have a problem…although it is clear that you did not like either Manning or Slattery as an alternative to “Isn’t She Lovely” but make no mistake, and as our astute Editor points this out, there is nothing wrong with having a ‘home town Dark City representative’ on your side at the state level…and yes, the Emperor would not have let this happen!

    • Annonymous December 29, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

      People need to realize that the reason Mayor Bettencourt did not endorse either Slattery or Manning was his lobbyist (as well as Berry’s) was the same person. Interesting is the same lobbyist was Joan Lovely’s lobbyist. Get the connection??

  6. Harry Birmingham December 29, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    OG, I could agree with you but I can’t vote in Mass. now that I live in N.H. Could you try ,to say the least, to not use the words “Dark City ” in your highly opinionated remarks . The inclination of “Dark City ” takes away from the candidates approval that you make. Its not fair to them or the other candidates that may run from the city. Do try to remember I am not the only one who reads here from outside the city. JMHO

  7. the Outfront Guy* December 29, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    OG says….Harry B….not quite sure what you are saying with your post here…perhaps you have mistyped some words or a phrase as to what you intended? or are you simply suggesting censorship as to what adjectives I use to describe your beloved Peabody? and if you are living in NH could this possibly be Mayor Mike’s Number One Man ?

  8. Anonymous December 30, 2012 at 12:11 am #

    Most people, including many elected public officials, really not understand tax classification and the tax implications of the numbers. Peabody setting the tax classification factor of 160.4 means the NS Mall (Main Parcel) with its $46 Million increased value will pay about $1.13 Million more in taxes. Yet the city will only see about $380,000 of that money! Why?

    Because the other Peabody businesses will be averaging almost a $1000 tax cut!!
    Did the city budget go down to justify tax cuts? No!

    True, business values did drop about 3% from last year. So what!

    When Peabody homeowners saw their properties decrease in value back in 2009 (-5%),2010 (-9%) and 2011(-3.5%) did WE see OUR tax bills go down? No! Of course not!
    The city budgets continued to increase!

    The homeowners are the ones that ultimately pay the bills!

    Special interests get special considerations. A number of city councillors at the tax classification hearing were talking about considering tax breaks for new businesses. At least one councillor suggested even lowering the tax classification number ” a little bit more”!

    Two more points:

    When members of the city council asked the respected city professionals if the tax classification factor was a key consideration when companies locate.
    The answer was NO.

    According to the city experts the key considerations were LOCATION and available qualified WORKFORCE.

    Second, Boston has a Tax classification of 200. Saugus is expanding its business base along Route 1 even with its maximum tax classification factor of 175.


  9. Harry Birmingham December 30, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    OG, No I didn’t misspell the words written or a phrase. I’m not suggesting censorship in any form. What I said was a request that you refrain from using the term “Dark City”. It has a wrongful description of the city and when you used it about your local candidacy response it seems to me to be unfair to those who may also run for the or any other office. Your use of “Dark City ” gives a bad impression of the city ,its people, and its use does not help the city to grow . It doesn’t help to have business people to come to Peabody to open a business and its local employment opportunities that result from the employment it brings and to the economy. Your no help to “Teflon Ted” in his attempts to lure business to the industrial park or down town. If any thing you should be an asset and not a down in the dumps person in your description of the city and its opportunities for growth that brings better living and ,yes, lower taxes. – Your response to my asking you stop the “Dark City stuff seemed a little like you want to fight with me rather than really think of what you have done thus far in that regard. You wont get to fight with me but you will hear from me when I see some thing I see as wrong as would I when I see any other person doing the same when blogging here. __ You grasp at straws when you say that I could be “Mayor Mikes Number One Man” when for, one ,I do not know the man and, two, I haven’t lived in the city for over ten years and,three, what would it gain me when I can’t vote in the city and I’m not looking for a city related job . You do and should understand that I am 73 and I’m retired and no one will hire at my age except for Walmart and that is with great reservation on their part. I hope my explanation answers your writing of your 12/29 @9:19 pm response to what I asked of you…and then some. __ P.S. Your right about my “beloved Peabody” . My heart and soul will always be …. Peabody. Now show us all where your Peabody is by dropping your description of it with the Dark City you use.

  10. Bob Croce December 30, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    If nothing else, Russ, the 1.60 tax classification for businesses sends a message that Peabody is business friendly. You clearly understand the issue here on a far more detailed level than I do. But I feel I understand this better on a purely marketing and PR level, and some of this is about perception. My question for you, though, is this: Do you agree that we need to expand our commercial tax base in order to improve quality of life?

    • Anonymous December 30, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

      Hmmm, How do I answer that?
      My answer is NO. I do not agree.
      The answer is NOT expanding our tax base whether commercial or residential.
      Does anyone really believe the quality of life is better in Boston or Chelsea vs. Manchester or Rockport?
      Is the quality of life better for the Boston police officer or Boston school teacher? Heck, is it better for a Lynn teacher or police officer?
      Quality of life is: What we make it. What we are willing to accept.
      Will the new billboards improve our quality of life in Peabody? They are business friendly. Does anyone remember NEON Lights?
      To improve the quality of life in Peabody we need to improve city government. That is a long story but controlling spending and costs are essential.
      Giving $1000 tax cuts to Peabody businesses while Peabody parents are paying more in property taxes and $300/pupil for bus fees is not good government.

      Yes, the 160.4 tax classification for businesses does send a message:

      It is business as usual in Peabody.

      The Peabody homeowner can pay more.
      We haven’t hit the Prop 2 and a half limit! Yet.



    • Anonymous December 30, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

      From a PR perspective answer this:
      If the city administration told the city council the increase real estate values in commericial properties was ALL from the NS Mall.

      In fact the rest of the commercial properties saw about a 3% decline.

      The resulting 0.6% increase in the then proposed commericial tax rate $23.43 vs $23.57/$1000 would give the other Peabody commercial properties an average effective tax cut of $600-$1000 each.
      How would they have voted?

      Reminds me of FY2004. Back then the mall got a $650,000 tax cut and the average single family homeowner got a $200 tax increase!

      Business friendly. Yup that’s Peabody.


  11. Anonymous December 31, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    this city is a gold mine. if it was run correctly, we wouldn’t have to raise taxes every year. I still see WASTE everywhere. there’s to many contractors doing what city employees should be doing. pick one & get rid of the other. I know city employees can’t do everything but I see way to many jobs being done by outside contractors. AND stop biying

  12. the Outfront Guy* December 31, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    OG says…back to you Harry B….so clearly my references to Peabody as Dark City irk you and you see no point in referring to our hallowed Mayor as Teflon Ted …and all of this is due to the fact that the almighty OG may sway people’s opinions or taint the image of our Mayor in local business leaders’ eyes? perhaps you have a greater estimation of OG’s reach, power and scope than I do ! I am but one voice from the crowd…one person with an opinion on local issues….if you look back thru my posts I think that I have been very civil to Teflon Ted since he became Mayor…but why my ongoing reference to him as Teflon Ted? this goes back to his time while serving on our City Council…he was always someone who garnered a lot of votes and support but OG never could quite see the beef that he brought to the table….and most issues of any consequence or real impact seemed to just slip off him or not stick to him like teflon….I feel the he has been a very quiet, non confrontational and non controversial local politician who benefited from tremendous name recognition….but he’s a nice guy who loves Dark City and so be it..now don’t get me wrong…I am very pleased to see that your heart will always be with Peabody even though you no longer live here….but we have different views of the life journey my friend…the potential and values that I see but have not experienced while I have lived here since 1998 are perhaps different than yours have been…but OG is not going to stop saying what he thinks….and you are starting to sound an awful lot like Bill Toomey my friend….now there’s a local politician who had some sass and energy that I just don’t see with Teflon Ted.

  13. Harry Birmingham January 1, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    OG, I sent a reply to your latest writing. Apparently it hasn’t been published as yet due to the holiday or the administrator feels he should end this debate between us. If it does come on site pay attention to what I’ve written in my response to your babble.

  14. Bob Croce January 1, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    I haven’t deleted anything, so I’m guessing some glitch happened on your end. Feel free to post it again, if you want.

  15. Harry Birmingham January 1, 2013 at 4:58 pm #

    OG, I looked into my computer but couldn’t find my message to you that would have set you straight and in place. That being said I’ll write this ” as I see it ” in place of that message. I do not know the mayor and only by the name you alone placed on him,”Teflon Ted” . I do know his father having worked with him before I retired. No!! I have no guess as to how much your reach,power and scope is. I,too, am but one voice,however, I’m not one to use the ” Dark City” description you use when you refer to the goings on in the city. I feel that you are degrading the city when you should be favoring it with better terminology . Oh darn it, I forgot that you are a carpetbagger that came to the city from an outside place whereas I was in Peabody since birth and for 58 years before I came to N.H. Yes, it is apparent that we have some different out looks at expressing our life styles about the calling ,dubbing , and putting names to things and people in particular. I have no objection to your having or making your opinions being made. I don’t understand how you can make them with any true worthiness in any given subject matter that you state or respond to,especially in politics and life in the very city you live in. If you can’t show pride in the city then leave it or promote it with good words for it to grow. I see no comparing me to Bill Toomey . I am who I am and he is who he is. . Yes we both do have the city in our best interests where you do not. Stop your trying to be a big shot with your inane assessment of the city when you should be promoting it. You claim Toomey has / had some “sass and energy” as compared to the mayor. Are you now saying the mayor is lack luster when you were promoting him on your former site in every opportunity you had? This site isn’t about you and me and I will not respond to you again about what I have said regarding your dumb way of degrading the city with your “Dark City” comments. If I can use my name why can’t you do the same instead of being anonymous with the OG designation ? Are you afraid of some thing or don’t you just have the guts to make yourself known to all of us ? Happy New Year to all!!!

  16. the Outfront Guy* January 1, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    OG says…Harry B…I was promoting the current Mayor on my own former site on every opportunity I had ??? I think that you are mistaken completely with that assessment Mr Peabody…and on your pride in Peabody stance…you seem to simply go by the old adage that if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all….OG is not a simple optimist like you….apparently you think everything is just wonderful here in “Bright City” whereas I do not….I think that we have a very mediocre mindset and vision for this city…I think that we have no strong and consistent link with our business community over the years and yes, I know that we are trying to address that issue….whenever I visit another downtown area I feel just terrible strolling down Main St here in Bright City…just the other morning Mr and Mrs OG stopped into breakfast up at Brothers Deli in downtown Danvers…and I see some strong growth and varied businesses along their downtown corridor…we see the same thing over in Salem…up in Beverly…downtown Gloucester…main street in Melrose and Wakefield….I also see nice turf athletic fields whereever I go and that seems to be another issue that continues to stump us here in Bright City….so you can take all of your 58 years here and talk to me about pride and positivity but OG happens to think that we could and should be doing much better…maybe Teflon Ted can bring us back to the alleged Peabody Pride days that you speak of….is it really all about tax rates and bone ratings?? OG sees a deeper issue at play here…..everyone wants to put all the burden on political shoulders when in fact the REAL problem is citizen complacency and acceptance of the ‘we’re doing ok’ mindset,.,,,our taxes aren’t too bad….we get a good deal with our 20% discount on the PMLP monthly bill and there are lots of nice stores up at the Northshore Mall…..we can do better Bright City….but we don’t really want to push the envelope to do it…and that’s how OG sees it…

  17. Harry Birmingham January 2, 2013 at 7:52 am #

    You seem to miss the point of all this back and forth stuff we are doing. Originally I asked if you could refrain from the “Dark City” commentary. I have the pride in Peabody where you have little in respect to its growth and all that goes with it. Its true the city has its within problems as do all municipalities every where. There can be no hiding these problems other wise they will never be addressed. Just ask any cop you claim to know at the police station.They see and do what they can about solving the problems on a daily basis. “If you think we have a mediocre mind set and vision of the city”then drop your anonymous og and use your name and step up to the plate to accomplish the over coming of the cities problems you claim aren’t being addressed quickly enough for you. You can voluntarily lead these efforts and be known as Mr. Peabody that saved the city by his self less actions for the betterment of the city. The present administration are working towards the welcoming of new business and addressing the issues with those already established in Peabody . That includes all of the city and not just Main Street. { I wonder if you read the papers,watch the local Croce tv show, or talk to those people in the know of these problem subjects you want done asap or ,yes, yesterday .} If your so taken in the places you visit then why not live there. They have nice eating places,strong growth and varied business and good looking corridors. What you forget is what is out side the corridors you see. They have the same or worse problems than Peabody. They hide them better is all where Peabody faces the problems it has and makes no bones about them. We Birmingham’s have strong athletic back rounds having grown up next to the old high school stadium. Our father was the track coach and was with great knowledge of sports. We played sports from baseball, softball, football. and yes we even hit and played golf on the field. I can see the use of modern turf but it is the lesser of the city needs for now so get off the soap box and do something about all of the above first .After that you can head the efforts and go out and ask for donations for the new turf and make yourself the Mr. Peabody you do secretly aspire to? As you say maybe the mayor can or will bring back Pride in Peabody but he needs backing by people like you but with positive attitudes only. Your talk about complacency is mostly true so why not go and be a part of stopping it instead of having to place it all on the shoulders of the pols in Peabody. Your last four lines tells me that contrary to your writings you are ok with the city you live in now. The only draw back to these lines is your saying people in the city are not wanting to push the envelope . May be they can use a spark plug leader to ignite the changes that you’d like to see happen. [ One such as you to make that push.] . I’m glad to see you using the word “Bright” even if it is a tease about my asking you to stop the “Dark”. Welcome to 2013 !

  18. the Outfront Guy* January 2, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    OG says…the last 4 lines that you mention are a snapshot of what most Bright City residents think…not necessarily what I think….and your talk about turf fields reminds me of comments once made by the late great Pete Torigian when readily downplaying the condition of the awful Brown School …something along the lines of “it’s not the building it’s the teachers”…..and while OG may agree that the building is not the whole story you cannot tell me that a more modern facility with contemporary turf fields is not part of the solution…and then you suggest that if I feel that the grass in greener elsewhere then go live there since they have a nicer downtown area that I have seen for DECADES here. … how would having OG leave town help Bright City reality or is that the simple solution to a resident who asks for and accepts more than just being ok? so you are quite full of bluster and doublespeak Mr Harry B but I have to tell you I am starting to like your athletic heritage and spunk…now don’t you worry about OG staying abreast of local affairs…I am plugged into much of the local political pulse (or lack thereof) here in Bright City…part of your problem is that you need more like me who actually give a damn…and OG has to wonder why a Bright City lover like you never became involved in local politics?

  19. Harry Birmingham January 2, 2013 at 7:28 pm #

    OG, Why not read line for line and answer them accordingly as I do with your writings. You do seem to try and avoid what is being said when I write . You talk of turf fields and yet you think all the lawns at all the schools should have turf beyond description. You think the playing fields for football at the high school should be what every school should have. Let ask you about the new Brown School ,have the lawns gone to pot as you would lead me to believe? I think not. You are confused with the turf like the high school football fields that are very costly to have. The city can’t afford to have the same turf at each school. Now don’t tell me I’m the one confused. As for the grass being greener else where I never said that but then you do put words in my mouth trying to save yourself from the truth of what I did write . – You seem to contradict your self about the down town at your line 9 . You have said the opposite and want the down town to be better than it has been. It could be a mistake on your part in what you wrote but then that wouldn’t surprise me any. I have to agree with you about asking for things ,however, I did suggest you strive for them by being the one to lead the long and tiring parade to get them as you want them. You did avoid my asking you to be a leader by doing the things necessary to accomplish what you want done today , tomorrow and let alone yesterday. – I take your comment on our family and the spunk you mention as a compliment. Now if you can keep on track with your compliments of the city and its growth in all respects you’ll be very well “abreast of local affairs”. You ask why I never got active in politics so I’ll give you my reason. As a police officer I couldn’t run for office any way. The conflict of interest issues involved if I were elected are just one reason. In my younger years I was raising a young family and had to work at every opportunity to support them due to low wages in those early years of employment. Example: Each weekend ,Friday and Saturday nights,usually both nights, I worked the Summit Club and Lady bug [ now Capones] and believe me it was not easy doing it. Now you have some reasons why I never got or wanted to run for public office. Those who know me will tell you I’m not of double speak and full of bluster. That belongs to you who complains of things and then double speaks and you”re full of bluster instead of doing any thing near as what I’ve suggested to you. Your right when you say the city needs more people like you but not of your double standards in doing things and your complaining that you want things done today ,tomorrow and yesterday. It all takes time and that is some thing you wont allow to happen. Remember this, it takes the sweetness of honey rather than bitter vinegar to attract the good qualities in and of all of good governing and other things in life. That is where we differ in our life styles. Now do try to read and respond line for line with your best answers or comments to what I write. Above all stay on the subject w/o straying away from it. Thank You

  20. the Outfront Guy* January 2, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    OG says…you are all over the map with your rebuttals and for the sake of our Eye On Peabody readers it is time to stop this nonsense chatter about OG suggesting turf fields for all Peabody parks…. and your line by line analysis requests ….if you want to come on here and talk about pressing issues that is fine but your nonsense philosophy and pedantic bluster is wearing very thin with our readers I suspect….may I suggest that you keep waiting patiently for Bright City to be that shining star on the hill at the intersections of Rtes 1, 128 and 95…..before you know it we will all be gone and will have missed it…as far as I am concerned we have not moved much from where Pete Torigian left us…low taxes, decent bond ratings, long neglected and average schools, an overly underachieving Centennial Park area and a dismal and uninviting downtown…nothing has changed much at all since OG has been here in Bright City..and yet you are content…you are just like the majority here..and that is our problem….and that’s how OG sees it.

  21. the Outfront Guy* January 2, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    OG says…and one last thing…the day will never come when OG ventures into the political arena…why you ask? very simple…total lack of PATIENCE with politics in general….may years ago while talking to former School Committee member Suzanne Borin about a local school issue she nicely explained to me that I was too impatient…and that it was the ‘nature of the beast’ for things to change very slowly here in Bright City….and you know what? Ms Borin was right on the money with that observation….so don’t sign me up for this local political circus Harry B….we are all busy with life and OG has no patience with the process….where I work in the private sector when decisions and actions need to be made they get done without years of contemplation and reflection…and there may be some out there reading this who are disappointed with my stance on this but so be it….I can still offer honest opinion, suggestions and input as the legendary OG has done for quite some time now….it is typically not done in a mean, spiteful way and I do try to stay objective along the way….in fact, I would be a wonderful elected official if name recognition and lifelong Bright City residency was not a prerequisite….I applaud those who take on elected roles….and I wish that more Bright City residents noticed and appreciated their efforts…and that’s how OG sees it.

  22. Harry Birmingham January 3, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    OG, If there were judges like in boxing here you ,in my opinion, were the one who lost this sparring fight with me. You talk about being one who wants the changes you want but won’t stand up to do it. You now say you have no patience to make things happen and “as I see It” that is true of you. You talk of being all over the place with commentary remarks and yet you are the one who made the original remarks I responded to. You now want to call it quits with your not wanting to go by the written line by line as I suggested. That alone says your the one going all over the place in writing and response. You being the one having no patience to tolerate the ” slowness” of getting things done then why do you stay on site with your rants and raves knowing that they take time to accomplish? Is it just to be heard as an anonymous blow hard under the anonymous name you use as one who tells us wants no part of the “political circus”? I suggest you make up your mind to leave the anonymous name behind and use your real name just as I have to be creditable here.- Your right about wanting to ” stop this nonsense chatter” as it isn’t all about us. I do have another suggestion for you after having read your messages. You said one has to have their name known in order to run for office,etc. When you want to be known use your name to get recognition in the city. Who knows you might even be asked to appear on the Croce & Jarvis show to help you promote your wants and your objectivity in regards to local politics and the cities growth and of course mostly “as you see it ” to be. I win you lose “as I see It” and we both have to let the readers decide who is the better man when it comes to our “” beloved”” Peabody.

  23. the Outfront Guy* January 3, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    OG says…why don’t you go have a nice philosophical chat with your true hero–Sean Fitz ? and leave OG alone since you have moved outside of Bright City city limits now,,,,.I will take care of things back here at the ranch.

    • Harry Birmingham January 3, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

      OG, Your so called taking care of things back there at the ranch is what seems to be the problem. Your a little do nothing man that wants the attention of being a big man in the city. You can’t accomplish any thing by trying to get others to do your wants in the city by hiding behind your anonymous name. Wake up and use your so called influence you alone claim to have to change things by using your real name . Right now your nothing but a wana be that is going no where with your foolish dreams of changing the city in the up coming tomorrows when it takes more than that and you to do it. There is a thing called red tape that takes place in and with change before any thing comes to reality. Red tape is the investigative lawful aspects and the making sure the things wanted are of good value to the city for its majority … not just you. You already admitted not having the patience to follow through politically so why not hang your hat and six gun up and go to sleep and awake to a day in some future time that you can handle. You seem to have a lot to say on subjects every where on this site but with no results so far. I feel its a clew to your being a true phoney just like your anonymous identity. I may have moved away from Peabody but as I’ve already said it is my “beloved” city and where my heart is. Why not spend your spare time looking for that wonderful care free municipality you dream of instead of staying in “Dark or Bright City” as you call Peabody. May be then you’ll be finally content with your life and the life style you are dreaming of. I only say this because you have written here that your really never satisfied with Peabody and its potential growth that you want asap if not yesterday. You do not have to respond to this message to you because I’ll not be responding to you if you do. As I said before this site isn’t about you and me alone.

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