Time to pay attention to Peabody’s new winter parking ordinance

15 Dec


By By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

With snow in the forecast for Sunday and later in the week, we bring this to you as a public service. Some of you may have seen these notices this morning from the Peabody Police Department  on car windsheilds. If you live in Ward 6, you also may have received a notice in the mail from City Councilor Barry Sinewitz.

As you may know, you no longer need to move your car off street and into and into a driveway during winter, which used to mean, even if it was 60 degrees out, you could get a ticket for non compliance. The City Council recently created a more sane ordinance, which mandates that you only need to get your vehicle off the street when there is a threat of stormy winter weather.

So how will you know when to take your car off the street? Well, first off, I think commonsense needs to prevail.

But just in case you’d rather relay on a more official source, parking bans will be made via Nixle alerts, Twitter, Peabody Police Facebook, on cable TV, Connect Ed (Peabody’s School System alert), AM Radio station 1640, and through those new blue flashing lights you see at intersections all over Peabody.

It’s a $50 fine now if you don’t move your car during a snow emergency, but I’m not sure I feel bad for anyone who now gets nabbed now.

So please use some commonsense when it comes to this new, commonsense ordinance.

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