Hug your kids today and pray for the families of Newtown

14 Dec

Superintendent Mastrocola tells the Patch Peabody will re-evaluate safety following CT tragedy


By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Today I take a break from Peabody issues to send out my sincere condolences to the people and the families of Newtown, CT, following the unthinkable tragedy that took place in their town this morning.

As a citizen journalist, I also ask those journalists in the mainstream media to start showing a little more discretion today. It sickens me that CNN  has been interviewing 9-and-10-year olds to ask them what they saw, what they heard, and how they feel about it. Shame on any parent, who under these circumstances would allow their little ones to be interviewed on national TV.

Our family will be praying for those families. I know all of our readers will be sending their prayers too.

Hey Peabody parents, make sure you immediately hug your kids when they get home from school today.

Also, be thinking too about those first responders, police, fire, EMTs, who had to respond to this horror. The post-traumatic stress on these brave men and women must be enormous right now.

6 Responses to “Hug your kids today and pray for the families of Newtown”

  1. the Outfront Guy* December 14, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    I was down in Fairfield, CT about a month ago…Newtown is about 20 miles away and I am quite sure that Newtown is quite similar to many towns around here…we refer to them all as New England post card kind of places and in some ways they all seem a bit unreal, untouched, unspoiled and today out of the blue we see that Newtown, CT becomes the center of a national tragedy as a result on one person’s clear twisted anger and mental illness…and we sit and watch the news and ask ourselves ‘how do these things happen? why would anyone do that? my God, these were 6 year old kids! ‘. Now OG is just a regular guy like many of you but when we see things happen like they have unfolded on this awful day we find that our very sense of security and life balance is jarred to its very core. these kinds of dark days become part of the folklore, the chapters of life that focus on the bad things along the way….”where were you when the planes flew into the Twin Towers? did you hear about Columbine shooting? what is going on down at Virginia Tech?…we know that the people of Newtown, CT will find much love and support on these sad days just before a kids holiday like Christmas…but we can never truly do enough for them…even those who may be religious among us may ask ‘why does God let these kinds of things happen?” what is the lesson to be learned from things like this? that’s a damn good question …there will be those who immediately jump on the gun control bandwagon….there will be those who argue that we do a lousy job in this country with mental health care…there will be those who point the finger of blame at those who missed the warning signs on this guy Lanza… but OG has to think that crazy people will ultimately find a way to do their harm….there is no airtight defense against insanity….we are all quite vulnerable because we are trusting people by nature….we usually feel safe in our hometowns and backyards….but tonight, our world is shaken with the unknown ., the unthinkable and unimaginable…so tonight…there is no Dark City for OG tonight….tonight I light a candle when I go to bed with the hopes the flickering flame serves as a small beacon of light that shines its way down to Newtown, CT. We can never give them back what they have lost but we must let them know we care…and that’s how OG sees it.

  2. Bob Croce December 15, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Sadly, you are right, OG. You already see the anti gun lobby jumping all over this like opportunistic vultures. But the frightening truth is that you really can’t do much to stop these evil lunatics. It’s NOT about gun control. I’m reminded of this after reading of another mass murder that took place in China this week, where the killer used a knife.

    Those murders yesterday were commited with guns that were obtained LEGALLY, and CT already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, including a 60-day waiting period and police background checks. Stricter gun control laws would not have saved those kids.

    I really don’t know what the answer is, but maybe we should focus on the mental health aspects, and identifying where that all broke down.

    Really good comments there, OG. Thanks

  3. the Outfront Guy* December 16, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    OG says….I hope that everyone tunes in to this memorial service on Sunday evening TV…should be a real solemn reality check….and after some further thinking about this awful event it may be time to consider all those facets of society that kind of feed violent acts like this…I am talking about video games, tv shows and movies that glorify violence and perhaps tip those with mental health issues over the reality cliff…think about it…stuff like Call of Duty, HALO and Assassin’s Creed are not helping the cause out there…so when out doing your Christmas shopping think about what you are ‘feeding’ the future generation of young teens who may grow up to be 20 something assault rifle enthusiasts….and that’s how OG sees it.

  4. Bob Croce December 16, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    But OG, this kid wasn’t involved in any video games, nor did he have an obsession with guns. They’ve already said that he had zero social media footprint, meaning he didn’t even have a Facebook account or Twitter feed. It’s not about our violent society at all in this case. It’s about un-diagnosed mental illness. The few people who knew this guy are already saying that he was just some quiet, meek, skinny kid who no one thought about for two seconds. He’s a guy who used to hide in his room and stare at the walls. No one interviewed so far has said anything about him being a violent, angry person. They’ve actually said the opposite, which really makes this frightening.

    It’s getting really annoying right now that people are blaming this on guns and our violent society. Isn’t it possible that this guy was simply mentally ill?

    Also, there were no “assault rifles” involved here. Assault rifles are illegal in CT. The rifle used in this mass murder looked like a military rifle, but it doesn’t act like a military assault rifle. In other words, it’s wasn’t an automatic weapon. The rifle in this case was a legal gun, and not different than most hunting rifles. This guy stole three legal guns, killed his mother, and then killed those kids. How in he world does gun control or banning video games stop something like that?

    The sad, very scary fact is that there is no way to stop this type of incident.

  5. the Outfront Guy* December 16, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    OG says…here is what I am reading….Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 “assault-type rifle” to gun down children in two classrooms, according to State Police Lieut Paul Vance, then killed himself with a handgun. “Multiple magazines,” each of which contained 30 bullets, were fired from the Bushmaster weapon in the school, he added….with regard to video games I am reading that it was one of the things that Lanza liked to do > He enjoyed soccer, skateboarding and video games, the publication said. Do you think he may have possibly gotten his fashion look> On Friday morning, Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, dressed in black battle fatigues and a military vest” and began firing, according to a law enforcement source …so here he is all dressed up to commit violence–clearly he was on a mission…and he felt like dressing up like some of his favorite action heroes depicted in video games….. none of us will probably ever know…but OG has a hunch that when you mix some mental health issues with these ingredients you get a guy like this who just snaps….his home computer may indeed give us a real good clue as to what was troubling him and what he was into….but you are right ….you probably can’t fully PREVENT a random act of violence like this…and that is quite difficult to accept.i.

  6. the Outfront Guy* December 17, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    OG says…and now we learn that both Lanza and his mother were quite commonly using guns for recreational purposes >> For several years, Lanza and his mother frequented several gun ranges in the area, according to federal authorities. ….the plot thickens and now the story is getting just a bit clearer….this kid was a probably a fairly skilled shooter as opposed to this being the first time that he has ever fired a gun….and his mother was a legally registered gun owner… let the theories come out….did she try and stop him from taking her guns and he shot her? we should learn much more after they go thru his hard drive..

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