PMLP management, employees union work together on sane contract

19 Nov

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

It seems that We The People spend a lot of time chastising our elected officials and public service employees.  So, it’s only fair and important that we point out when they work together and in the best interest of the taxpayers.

I refer to the recently agreed to contract between Peabody Municipal Light Plant management, and the light plant employees’ union. Both sides got something, and in the end, they all took into account the need to not slam the ratepayers. The PMLP has taken it on the chin lately for some employee issues, but all that aside, it remains the best run government entity in Peabody.

The reason it is so well run is the fact that the light plant is a little beyond the reach of government. The PMLP is run like a business, and it’s run very well. It’s run by a competent plant manager and overseen by a separate elected board of light commissioners.

So, this week, when we learned that management and the union had taken a commonsense and sane approach to a new contract for employees, we weren’t surprised.

The new 4-year deal includes a modest 1.75% raise, but it’s also retroactive, which is a good thing for employees.  In these days of economic malaise, where taxpayers who work in the private sector aren’t getting any raises, it was a nice compromise, especially after the 11% raise the PLMP employees got with the last contract.

“This is a fair agreement for both the ratepayers and employees,”  said PMLP Commission Chairman Bob Wheatley in a statement.

Hats off too to the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, State Council 93, Local 364. PMLP serves both Peabody and South Lynnfield.

Read the full story here in the Peabody Patch.

5 Responses to “PMLP management, employees union work together on sane contract”

  1. the Outfront Guy* November 19, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    no gripes from me on PMLP….I like my 20% discount if I pay early…there are some high wage earners up there and it not my right to really question salaries without first hand knowledge of duties and responsibilities…but it seems that some PMLP workers are earning some good cash these days….

  2. Anonymous November 19, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    You get for you pay for Outfront Guy. The execs at PMLP are a bargain compared to what that type of business talent usually costs. Stop your complaining

  3. the Outfront Guy* November 19, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    who said I was complaining? pardon my ignorance but I don’t have a real clue about what these highly paid PMLP employees ‘do’ each day in terms of job descriptions and scope of responsiblity……and at the same time I know that our electrical bills have always been below average and I know that our PMLP service is usually quite good….all I am saying is that some decent money is being paid by a fairly high number of employees down there….am I suggesting that some type of audit or inquisition be done about it ? no….I don’t think we need to do that….BUT if we did do that it could be kind of interesting…

  4. the Outfront Guy* November 19, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

    here you go …from an article in the Peabody Patch Top 20 wage earners for 2011—as you scroll down this list you will see 8 PMLP employees in the Top 20–now some of these earnings represent overtime earnings (that’s why so many police names are listed) as well but as you can see we have some PMLP employees making some decent cash …now whether you want to refer to this as business talent or simply public employees is up to you…..OG is simply sharing some of the real numbers here…

    * Earnings reflect gross income

    Name Job Title / Earnings

    1 William Waters

    PMLP General Manager
    2 Glenn Trueira
    PMLP Asst. Mgr./Engineer
    3 Russell Dunn
    PMLP Engineer
    4 Robert Champagne
    Police Chief $141,019
    5 Scott Wlasuk
    Police Lieutenant
    6 Philip Rohn PMLP Sup. of Distribution $137,474
    7 Eric Ricci
    Police Detective/Patrolman $136,100
    8 Martin Cohan
    Police Deputy Chief
    9 Dennis Bonaiuto
    Police Captain
    10 William Cook
    Police Lieutenant $128,993
    11 Charles Burnett*
    Superintendent of Schools
    12 Edward Sapienza
    High School Principal
    13 Roy Simoes
    PMLP Asst. Sup. Engineering
    14 Charles Orphanos
    PMLP Asst. Sup. Engineering
    15 James Christman
    Police Patrolman $124,768
    16 Michael Coleman
    PMLP $124,548
    17 Timothy Maroney
    Police Sergeant $124,249
    18 Richard Nelson
    Fire Deputy Chief
    19 Michael Conwell
    PMLP Lineman
    20 John McCorry
    Police Lieutenant $120,607

  5. Bob Croce November 20, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    OG. You get what you pay for. Those are the going rates for those types of qualifications.

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