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Stirring the pot right out of town: Hats off to Peabody Mayor and City Council

25 Jan

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

budThe ban is official. There will be no pot emporiums, masquerading as medical dispensaries, allowed in the city of Peabody.

At the request of Mayor Ted Bettencourt, the Peabody City Council voted unanimously last night to support a zoning change that would ban the growing of marijuana or the distribution of the controlled substance within the city limits.

Since I’ve written about it here in this space on a couple of occasions, I won’t go over all of those details again. But I have to applaud both the Mayor and the City Council for looking out for the safety of We the People on this one. Although I’m not opposed to legalization of weed for even recreational purposes, this so-called Medical Marijuana Law is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It’s all about an interim step toward full legalization, and has very little to do with helping people through their illnesses.

But what’s really bothersome about this current law is its level of vagueness. We have very few details on how it will be managed and regulated, and for Peabody’s elected officials to not support this ban would have be irresponsible.

If I may also be a little selfish, I applaud our entire City Council,  since chances were good that these pot shops would have only added to the vice in my part of the city up on Route 1 . It was also appropriate that my Ward 5 Councilor, Dave Gamache, should make the motion to ban these pot shops since his constituents might have been most affected here.


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