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Did Lyons show that Speliotis belongs on endangered incumbents list in 2 years?

5 Nov

Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Some observations on yesterday’s State Election now that  Martha Coakley’s personal hostage crisis has ended.

The most-interesting local result yesterday, and one that pretty much flew under the radar, came in the 13th Essex District State Rep race.

Ted Speliotis

Ted Speliotis

On one hand, incumbent Democrat Ted Speliotis won by a comfortable 779 votes over upstart Republican challenger Tom Lyons.

But on the other, it was really surprising to see how strong Lyons, a West Peabody resident with Danvers roots, finished against a guy who is the so-called current “Dean of the Peabody Delegation on Beacon Hill.”

Although Lyons ran a great campaign, it’s rare to see a newbie make it that close against such an entrenched incumbent. Most-impressive and telling for future potential candidates, who may run against Speliotis, is  how Lyons trounced the incumbent by a whopping 246 votes in Peabody’s Ward 6.

If Lyons can trounce Speliotis this badly in West Peabody, just imagine how badly the long-time State Rep would lose to Ward 6 Councilor Barry Sinewitz, who is a way more popular figure in the ward than Lyons.

If Speliotis runs again in two years, clearly he’s the most-vulnerable solon in the Peabody delegation, and maybe the entire state.

A power shift to the West in Peabody politics

Barry Sinewitz

Barry Sinewitz

Speaking of Sinewitz, outside of the candidates who prevailed yesterday, the Ward 6 Councilor was clearly the biggest winner politically during this campaign cycle.

Sinewitz, after all, gambled early on, and won big-time when newcomer Seth Moulton handily beat Republican Richard Tisei for Congress in the MA 6th District.

The gamble Sinewitz made was being the only Peabody elected official with the courage to strongly back Moulton over long-time incumbent John Tierney in advance of the Democratic primary. And now, the Ward 6 Councilor has a political star for a friend.

If you watched the television coverage of Moulton’s acceptance speech last night, it became clear how much the Congressman-elect appreciated Sinewitz’s support.  Right there behind Moulton, on a stage reserved for family and very close supporters, the Ward 6 Councilor smiled and applauded.

Although Sinewitz has already proven his strength as a candidate by routing all comers each time he’s run for Ward 6 Councilor, his association with the new Congressman clearly adds to his strength when it comes to electability. As of today, if I had to rank the most-popular/powerful political figures in Peabody, Sinewitz would move up to No. 3, just behind Councilor At-Large Tom Gould and Mayor Ted Bettencourt.

The fact is that Ted Speliotis shouldn’t look over his shoulder for a hard-charging Tom Lyons in two years.  He should worry more about born again Democrat Barry Sinewitz.

Suddenly, Manning is moving on up too

Another Peabody pol with improved cache following the State Election is Councilor At-Large Anne Manning, who jumped on the Charlie Baker for Governor bandwagon early. Manning also came out looking strong after she backed Rep. Leah Cole. While Sinewitz has a Congressman now on his side. Manning will have a Governor. That, in my opinion,  makes her the fourth most-powerful pol in Peabody.

Not perfect, but pretty close as usual

OK, so I was wrong about the State Rep race between incumbent Republican Leah Cole and Democratic challenger Beverley Dunne.

But give me some credit, will ya? I was right in predicting victories yesterday for Moulton, Speliotis and Baker. What’s the old Meat Loaf lyric about two out of three?

I was also right on ballot questions 1 and 2.

With an impressive batting average like this, I think I’m a candidate someday for the political pundit Hall of Fame. Don’t you?


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Observations early on this Election Day; Please let us know what you’re seeing

4 Nov

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

Some observations so far on this Election Day . . .

VoteConstant Companion and I voted at the Kiley School at 8:15 this morning, and once again it was nice to see a professional and courteous poll worker crew on duty. Hats off to the city and Clerk Tim Spanos for cleaning up what had previously, in the case of some workers, been a bad scene in Ward 5 …

Just got a robo call from some women who said she used to live in Michigan, and if we don’t vote against casinos by voting “Yes” on Question 3, there’s a chance that Massachusetts could become as bad as Detroit. After hearing this silliest robo call ever, it made me question my voting Yes this morning. I voted to roll back the casino law for more common sense reasons.

We won’t become Detroit because of casinos, but Peabody will lose a big chunk of change when MA lottery sales dwindle because of big-time gambling alternatives . Right now, Peabody gets about $6 million from lottery sales at stores and restaurants within our borders.

For the record, I voted: YES-NO-YES-NO on the ballot questions. I left that ridiculous “moonbat” Question 5 blank. . . .

Quiet morning for sign holders at the Kiley. All I saw were two sign holders for State Rep Ted Speliotis, and one lonely sign holder for his opponent Tom Lyons.  . . .

Secretary of State Bill Galvin is predicting a healthy 53% voter turnout across MA today. When we voted this morning, we were No. 87 and 88 in Ward 5, Prec. 2. Not bad, considering the polls had only been open for a little more than an hour. . . .

Let me know in the comments section what you’re observing as you vote today.

If you haven’t gotten out yet, or are confused as to where you should go to vote, you can use this handy tool from the Secretary of State’s office to find out where you should vote.

Peabody should be proud of its chief elections official for doing the right thing

10 Sep

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

We spend some of our time in this space pointing out when those on our public payroll don’t do the right thing when it comes to the public trust.

So, it’s only fair that we also point out when public officials do the right thing. Today is one of those days.

I’ve always known Peabody City Clerk Tim Spanos to be both professional and honorable, and my positive opinion of the job he does as the city’s chief election official was affirmed last night when my wife Maureen and I went to vote at the Kiley School polling place.

Following some very bad behavior by poll workers at the Kiley when I ran for Ward 5 Councilor in last fall’s city election, Mr. Spanos not only took my complaint seriously, but he also acted to ensure that no candidate would ever have his or her bid for office jeopardized by unprofessional, and potentially illegal activities by supposedly unbiased election officials.

Simply put, he cleaned house at the Kiley. Poll workers who participated in campaigning for my opponent, Joel Saslaw, while on duty as election officials, are no longer working the polls.

Saslaw’s margin of victory was less than 90 votes, and the behavior of these rogue poll workers immediately questioned the validity of the outcome. Spanos also banned the use of cell phones inside polling places across the city, since the bad actor poll workers in question used their phones for their illegal electioneering activities.

This is the first time I’ve written about the episode, choosing instead to file official complaints with the Secretary of State, State Ethics Commission, and Mr. Spanos. I initially thought about legal action against the city, but Tim Spanos’ responsiveness and professionalism during that time gave me the confidence that I could trust him to take care of the situation.

He did, and now any future candidate who decides to run against Mr. Saslaw can expect a level playing field on Election Day.

It’s nice to know that Peabody voters can be secure in the knowledge that we have an honest and professional man as our chief elections official.

Hats off to Tim Spanos.

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Poll: How do you feel about taking voting out of the schools

14 Nov

Some members of the Peabody School Committee, citing student safety and disruption of the educational process, would like ban the city from using schools as polling locations on Election Day.

How do you feel about the issue?

Frasca hopes to bring experience, Peabody roots to job of Councilor At-Large

15 Mar

(If you are running for any office in Peabody in 2013,  please send us your statement, and we will post it here as written by you. Scott Frasca has pulled nomination papers to run for Councilor At-Large in this fall’s City Election.)

 Submitted by the Scott Frasca for Councilor At-Large Committee

Councilor At-Large candidate Scott Frasca and his sons

Councilor At-Large candidate Scott Frasca and his sons on the day he pulled papers to run for Councilor At-Large

Scott Frasca was educated in the Peabody school system from Kiley Elementary to Peabody High School. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management from Salem State and worked hard to achieve a Master’s degree in Management from both Northeastern and Harvard University where he won the prestigious Derek Bok Public Service Prize. He also completed an executive education at the Kennedy School of Government in 2009.

Based on his strong Peabody roots, entrepreneurial background, and compassion for people, he created Making a Difference in Peabody Foundation in 2002 on the belief that there was a need to help Peabody residents with basic emergency needs such as oil, rent, electricity, clothing, housing items, and fire and flood relief.  The organization has fulfilled its mission and continues to assist hundreds of people a year.


He has been a business owner with a downtown office since 1997 and is the owner of Frascati Clothiers and Frasca Strategies and is involved with numerous other business ventures.  After he sold his first business in 2001 and immediately after the 9/11 attacks, he was on a waiting list to work for the FBI and worked the night shift for Homeland Security at a government base while developing a new business and charity during the day.

He then decided to work 4 years as a Budget Manager on the site integration phase of a new classified Missile Defense Agency contract while developing his business and charity part time. This defense system is currently deployed to protect the United States and its Allies from incoming missiles. Once this system was deployed, Scott decided to focus full time on developing his business and charity.

Scott serves in numerous community positions and is President and Founder of Animal Health Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides funding to Peabody residents for preventative and emergency animal care. He is also a member of the Peabody Historical Society,  Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce, Harvard Club of North Shore, Celiac Disease Organization, and American Labrador Rescue.

He previously served in numerous community positions including Vice President of the Peabody Chamber of Commerce, President of the Library Board of Trustees, Higgins Middle School Council Member, Chairman of the Peabody Republican City Committee, member of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, and American Cancer Society fundraiser.

Now, Scott wants to take his education, experience, and community service to a new challenge and serve Peabody as Councilor at Large.  He wants to be a voice for open space and beautification, an advocate for increased senior housing and services, and a strong voice to demand world class public schools in Peabody.  His business and management background will bring leadership and energy to help revitalize downtown, expand the economic base, and ensure that we have a strong public safety.

Please consider supporting Scott so that together we can make Peabody the best that it can be!

5 candidates beat deadline, qualify for the State Rep special election ballot

22 Jan

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

I’ll have more on this in the coming days, including some more polls, but ladies and gentlemen, the following candidates made today’s deadline to qualify for the ballot to run in the special election for State Rep in the 12th House District.

There will be both a Republican and a Democratic primary on March 5, followed by the final election on April 2.

Unenrolled canddiate Dave Gravel

Dave Gravel, unenrolled, on final ballot

Democrat James Moutsoulos


Democrat Beverley Griffin Dunne

Republican Gregory Bunn

Republican Greg Bunn

Republican Leah Cole

Republican Leah Cole

Dates finally set for Peabody State Rep special election

3 Jan

By Bob Croce, Eye on Peabody

stateThe entire process will be over in just 13 weeks as the dates have been set for the special election to fill the Peabody State Rep seat left vacant with the passing of Joyce Spilliotis.

The Mass. Secretary of State’s office reports that the primary election in the 12th Essex District will take place on March 5, followed by the final election on April 2.

And there is not much time to get into the race, since nomination papers, with no less than 150 certified signatures, must be submitted to the Peabody City Clerk’s office by no later than 5 p.m. on Jan.22.

So far, the only declared Democratic candidates known to the Eye are School Committee member Beverley Griffin Dunne, and former Ward 3 Councilor Jim Moutsoulas. If both Dunne and Moutsoulas return their papers, it would necessitate a Democratic Primary.

Councilor At-Large David Gravel, who has official organized a committee through the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) , will need to run as an independent. To run as either a Democrat or Republican, you would have had to been an enrolled member one of those parties as of Oct. 31, 2012.  Gravel is currently listed as “unenrolled,” and all he or any other independent candidate would need to get on the final ballot is at least 150 certified signatures.

You must also live in Peabody Wards 1-4, or Ward 5 (Precincts 1 and 3 only)

Other candidates who have been speculated about on the Democratic side include Peabody attorney John Slattery, who held the 12th Essex seat before Spilliotis.  Slattery recently made an unsuccessful bid to beat  Salem’s Joan Lovely in a special election to replace retiring State Senator Fred Berry.

Ward 5 resident Gregory Bunn, has entered the race on the Republican side, registering a committee with OCPF on Dec. 24th.  Kosma Evangelidis told the Boston Globe earlier that he was running, meaning there would be a primary on the Republican side if both he and Bunn entered the fray.

There has been speculation that Peabody Councilor At-Large Anne Manning-Martin might jump into the race as an independent, but so far she has not told the Eye whether she is in or out.

Moutsoulas will run in state rep special election; take our poll

2 Jan

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

We welcome 2013 with the news of a new announced candidate in the yet-to-be-announced special election to fill the Peabody State Rep seat left open with the passing of Joyce Spilliotis.

The Eye has learned that former Ward 3 Peabody City Councilor Jim Moutsoulas has made it known that he will pull nomination papers and run once the State Legislature sets the dates for what is expected to be a special election in the spring.

Moutsoulas, we’ve learned, will run as a Democrat, meaning he would join another announced candidate, Peabody School Committee member Beveley Dunne in a Democratic Primary.  The other announced candidates at this point are Councilor At-Large Dave Gravel, who will reportedly run as an independent, and Kosma Evangelidis. who told the Boston Globe he would run as a Republican.

In addition to serving as Ward 3 Councilor, Mousoulas has made unsuccessful runs for councilor at-large and mayor.

At this stage, we’d like to get your take on who you feel has the edge in the Democratic primary, if it were to be only between Dunne and Moutsoulas, so please take our poll.

Poll: Who would you support for Peabody State Rep seat?

12 Dec

Note to all those who would still like to vote in our poll. We’ll be announcing the latest results tonight on the “You Make The Call” show, 8-9 p.m.,  on PAT Channel 99.

By Bob Croce, EOP Publisher

I’ve had people ask me to do this poll so we can, at this stage, measure the electability of candidates and potential candidates for Peabody’s open State Rep seat. This poll is not scientific, but it has been set up so people can only vote once.  I’ve been asked by some influential Peabody politicos to conduct this poll, so it’s important that we get as many people to vote as possible. The results here could end up influencing, in a big way, who will end up supporting who.

If you live in Ward 6 or Ward 5, Prec. 2, I respectfully ask that you don’t vote here, so we don’t skew the results.

If you are a candidate or a potential candidate, spread the word with your supporters. I have left out both Tom Gould and Sean Fitzgerald, since both recently said that they would not run for the seat.

If your candidate is missing here, please list your choice in the comments section. Your vote is TOTALLY anonymous. Even I can’t tell who is voting.

New ‘You Make The Call’ show tonight on PAT Ch. 99

12 Dec

phoneJoin us tonight for a new live “You Make the Call Show.”

We’ll be talking about the State Rep special election, the city council’s decision to ban pot shops, and more!

Show is on PAT Channel 99. 8-9 p.m.


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